Dalibor Kučera

Lecturer and researcher in general psychology, educational psychology and psychometrics. Born in Jihlava, he lives in Prague and in České Budějovice. He earned his master’s degree in pedagogy at the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň, and his doctor’s degree in general psychology at the Masaryk University in Brno.

His primary research interests are directed towards the understanding of the basis for practical application of experimental metric approaches in psychological diagnostics (psycholinguistics and projective methods in particular).

Research and professional activities

In 2016–2018 he was a principal investigator of the Czech Science Foundation three year research project CPACT (Computational Psycholinguistic Analysis of Czech Text, grant Nr. 16-19087S).

In 2018–2022 he was elected as an executive board member of the Czech-Moravian Psychological Society and in 2018–2020 he was appointed to a post of a chairman of the Theoretical and General Psychology section in the ICP 2020 Science Committee. From 2015 he is on the executive editorial board and technical editorial board of the journal Pedagogika (Pedagogy), published by the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague, and from 2016 a member of the Czech Educational Research Association. He is a member of Ethic Committee of the Faculty of Education of University of South Bohemia.

From 2013 he is employed as an assistant professor and researcher at the Faculty of Education of University of South Bohemia (Jihočeská univerzita) in České Budějovice at the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology.